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Brussels Regional Public Service

New branch office

You already have a licensed travel agency (parent company) in the Brussels-Capital Region and would like to open a new branch office there? Then you do not need to apply for an additional licence. All you need to do is send us a notification.

Conditions for opening a branch office 

  1. The travel agency must notify us of any change affecting one of the elements of the licence application or of the accompanying documents (such as, for example, the opening of a branch office) by registered letter within a period of one month following that change. 

  1. When a new branch is opened that entails an increase in the number of employees, the security amount of the licence applicant must be adjusted (for both natural and legal persons) at the latest before the end of the month of July following the opening of this branch. 

Download a model of the security agreement in French Download a model of the security agreement in Dutch

If the company sells its package holidays or accommodation through other travel agencies:  

Security deposit according to the number of staff employed
0 – 2 members of staff

10,000 euros security 

3 – 5 members of staff

15,000 euros security 

6 – 10 members of staff

20,000 euros security 

> 10 members of staff

25,000 euros security, plus 7,500 euros per branch office. 

> 20 members of staff

50,000 euros security, plus 25,000 euros per tranche of 10 staff members. 


The operator of a licensed travel agency must respect these commitments towards customers, suppliers and the Region. 

Are you aiming to set up a head office or rather a temporary activity as a travel agency?  Then please choose from: 

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