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22 April 2022

The Brussels economic transition kicks off today! We are pleased to announce that Shifting Economy, the new economic strategy of the Brussels-Capital Region, has been launched.

Why a new strategy ? 

Carbon neutrality by 2050. To bring economic activity back to Brussels. Preserving and creating quality jobs. Reducing inequalities. Brussels is facing major social, environmental and employment challenges.

How can we respond to the needs of Brussels citizens in terms of resources and services while taking into account the current social and environmental challenges? In this time of crisis, we must rethink our models of production and consumption so that they can sustainably guarantee the vital functions of our Region. In the same way, our companies must gradually rethink their economic models to adapt to this new reality. 

With the launch of Shifting Economy, the Brussels Region is continuing its transition towards a carbon-free, regenerative, circular, social, democratic and digital economy!

The objectives of the strategy

The strategy is supported by the Government and the administrations and aims to guide all Brussels economic actors so that they become more resilient from an environmental and social point of view. By 2030, most companies will be involved in the transition. Shifting Economy wants to create new economic opportunities that provide local and quality employment.

Discover the complete strategy (in French or Dutch)

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