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Accessibility declaration

Accessibility of the downloadable documents

Where possible, the main content of the site is available on its HTML pages. Nevertheless, these pages contain links to downloadable documents (on the web portal or on other sites) offering detailed or extra information.

We cannot guarantee the accessibility of documents on other sites.

The documents on this site are mainly standard PDF files, but there are some DOC files (made in the word processor Microsoft Office Word) and XLS files (made in the spreadsheet program Microsoft Office Excel) as well. Please find more information about this below.

Documents with an HTML alternative

The web portal contains PDF documents that are not accessible. Where possible, an HTML alternative is offered for those documents. That is the case for:

  • regulations (especially the information from the Belgian Official Journal),
  • publications (except the activity reports).

Under the link to the PDF file, you can find a link to the HTML page corresponding to it (unless the PDF document is located on the HTML page showing this content).

Documents without an HMTL alternative

Official forms, meant for a specific public, such as the authorities, companies, schools and other organisations

Application forms are PDF documents or, in exceptional cases, Word documents.

In some cases, one or more Excel files must be added to the application form. This format is used when a spreadsheet is necessary because of the information the company needs to supply.

The accessibility of those PDF, Word and Excel files is not guaranteed.

Acrobat Reader version 8.1.2 or more recent is required to fill in the PDF files. The Word and Excel files can be filled in using Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Declarations the company has to display and model documents for a specific public

The documents that the companies need to print and display at an appropriate place are in PDF format. The same holds for the model documents for companies.

The accessibility of those PDF files is not guaranteed.

Lists with registered companies, products, etc., for a specific public

On the web portal, you can find several lists. Long lists will be in PDF format instead of HTML format. Those PDF lists are often also available in Excel format, so as to allow filtering.

The accessibility of those PDF and Excel files is not guaranteed.

Lists with "required documents" to file certain applications, for a specific public

The web portal contains many lists with "required documents" to file certain applications. Those lists are in PDF format. The accessibility of those PDF files is not guaranteed.

Activity reports

The activity reports are not accessible.

Document listing the activity sectors that qualify for regional support

The PDF document "Check if your activity sector is one of the sectors that qualify for support" is not accessible, but the document's content is accessible in the wizard "Our support for your business".

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